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Tablo on Sewol


"The only thing I can do is share music that comforts hearts… I want to spend tonight with those who feel hurt, confused, frustrated, and sorry. During a time when nothing can recover what was lost, I hope that your hearts may be able to rest here."

"As an adult in a world where it’s hard to protect our children, my heart feels heavy… There are times when music warmly comforts me more than words… I try to listen to music when I can’t find anything to find comfort or safety in." - Tablo


When everyone is tired from rehearsing the whole day until midnight. There is Dae being the happy pill and trying to cheer up everyone at 2 in the morning.


Thank you, Meg! Your time at Sourcefed was wonderful and we really hope you have a wonderful career, where you prove that you can do it all, no matter what anyone says. We love you. We’ll miss you. Good luck on your journey.


Every single week in every single challenge, Trinity’s looks were flawless. Clap for that hooker!

Get your life with Miss Trinity K. Bonet children!

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Drag Is Raw: Wrestlers, Queens And Gender As Performance Art →


"Our understanding of how gender represents itself has become muddy in the very best of ways. While there yet exists a pressure to "be a man" or "be ladylike," those ideas are a moving target at best, as increasingly our modern era sees the hoary old gender archetypes as just that: out of date and out of sync.

But the greatest signifier that times have changed is that the place where hard and fast rules about what gender is and is not is in those shows where gender plays not as an informing factor, but rather as full-blown performance art. And in that, there is relief. Drag queens, wrestlers, all are pretending. And so are we. No one wants to fail at being a man or being a woman. So perhaps true victory comes in realizing we’re all just approximating.”

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